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North San Jose is ‘Place to Be' for Latest Electric Car Startup

North San Jose is staking its claim as the next Motown.

LeEco moved in earlier this year, Apple is rumored to be building a car-oriented facility there, and today, NextEV opened up shop.

NextEV is a China-based company working on electric cars. Not only is it generating new jobs in North San Jose — 250 so far, close to 1,000 planned over the next several years — but also its leadership is generating a buzz.

Topping the team is CEO Padmasree Warrior. A longtime Cisco executive, Warrior says she was inspired to join the team because of Bay Area traffic.

"I think any major industry — and maybe I’m biased — starts in Silicon Valley," she said.

To that, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo added: "This is the place to be, right?"

No cars to show yet, but an ambitious plan to take on the likes of LeEco and Tesla.

"You’ll see us testing our cars in the streets” soon enough," Warrior promised

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