Facebook CEO Shows How Not to Use Site's Privacy Settings

A controversial change to privacy settings apparently trips up company cofounder

Facebook made a sweeping change to user privacy settings this week, leaving many users feeling a bit chilly and overexposed right before the holidays.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the company's publicists did their best to spin the new settings as enhancing privacy, while in fact profile details about users become far more widely available to strangers.

Just how byzantine are the new settings? It seems even Zuckerberg didn't realize that hundreds of his own personal photos featuring family and friends, beer and bare chests were exposed by the changes.


Zuckerberg has since gone through and hidden much of the good stuff, so in what could have been spun as the company's cofounder leading by example now looks an embarrassing mistake.

That said, get thee to your Facebook privacy settings. Thankfully, someone geekier than us has written a guide.

Zuck should have read it before hitting the publicity junket.

Jackson West is logging on to Facebook for the first time this week to wrangle some radio buttons.

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