Family Charged In Unwanted “Intervention”

A 25-year old drug addict's family will go to court after just trying to help.

Leave the tear gas and headlocks at home next time.

"A mother, sister, brother and his girlfriend are facing multiple misdemeanor charges" after using very physical means to remove their 25-year old daughter/sister from the Daly City apartment of her boyfriend, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

The "unwanted, unruly rescue" began Feb. 22, when the family lay in wait outside the apartment for the 25-year old woman's boyfriend to return home. When he returned, the mother blasted the boyfriend with tear gas, and the brother used his fists to subdue the boyfriend and his roommate, the newspaper reported.

In the ensuing commotion, the 25-year old was removed from the apartment while "in a headlock," the newspaper reported. The happy family returned to their home in Broadmoor.

And then they appeared in court on Wednesday.  Mother Vita Marcum; brother Ben Oda and his girlfriend, Gwen Melad; and sister Kristina Oda will appear in court again on July 25 after their case was continued, the newspaper reported.

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