Former Real World House Faces Harsh Reality

Home used by MTV in San Francisco faces foreclosure

So this is what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting all foreclosey on $3.7 million of unpaid mortgage bills.

The San Francisco house that MTV's Real World housemates Puck, Pedro, and some other forgettable people made famous back in 1994 (when the show hadn't yet begun to induce projectile vomit) is in a spot of trouble.

The once famed home is just one of three properties belonging to the owner that's facing foreclosure. Alas, it hits even the homes touched by reality television fame.

The former twinkle of Generation MTV's eye has been dealt a string of bad luck since the show moved on. The home on 949 Lombard St. in San Francisco actually fell victim to a fire in 2000, and no longer looks much as it did when the Real World San Francisco was filmed there.

It suffered $2 million in damages but the building has since been renovated and looks similar to its old self. MTV rented out the third and fourth floor of the home for Puck was sticking his dirty fingers in Pedro's peanut butter. The lower floors were used for a control room and for the production crews.

Mister SFsays "the house at 949 Lombard Street was rented to MTV by local stockbroker/entrepreneur Martin Eng, who owned the house since 1985. It became a tourist stop, receiving more than 10,000 visitors in the months during and following the series [in 1999]."

The house boasts views of San Francisco's skyline, including the Trans America building, and it is just steps away from the famed crooked turns of Lombard Street.

Curbed SF contributed to this story.

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