Friends of SJSU Football Player Jared Leaf “Pray For Jay”

The family of a critically burned San Jose State University football player thanked everyone who has been trying to visit and send good wishes to Jared Leaf, and they asked simply that people "Pray for Jay."

On a Facebook page called "Team Leaf," the family of junior Spartans linebacker said on Sunday that Jared is still in critical condition and can't speak. Because of the risk of infection, the post said, he can only accept visitors from immediate family at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center's burn center.

But "your love and support for Jared and his family is greatly appreciated," the post said, which urged people to send good thoughts to Leaf on Twitter using the hashtag # PrayFor Jay."

Trevor Davis, a wide receiver for the California Golden Bears, in Berkeley, tried to drum up support for Leaf on Twitter.

Leaf, a communication studies major from Martinez, suffered second-degree burns on his back and arms as he ran through his apartment about 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday near the SJSU campus on East Williams Street near the SJSU campus.

Firefighters were investigating whether a student lit a candle and ditched a match on a couch while talking on his cell phone just before the fire broke out

In a previous interview, Leaf’s roommate, Clarence Chima, said he stepped out of his apartment for only a few minutes to talk to his sister on his cell phone when he saw smoke. He said, when he looked inside, he saw the couch on fire and a wall of flames. That’s when he used his cell phone to immediately call his roommate, Leaf, who was asleep in a back bedroom.

“He was saying the living room and kitchen were in flames, so there were no options but to run through,” Chima said. “And that’s how he got the injuries he had.”

Chima said the fire destroyed everything inside the apartment.

Leaf's family set up a PayPal account for those wishing to help with medical bills. Questions about the fund can be submitted to

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