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Twittersphere: Hailstorm Rolls Through South Bay

There was certainly some strange weather in the Bay Area Saturday.

Parts of the South Bay turned into a winter wonderland as a slow-moving storm dumped hail on San Jose hillsides, making it look almost Sierra-like.

The Peninsula also got a surprising dose of rain in some areas.

The storm dropped pea-sized hail, which was moving across the hills at a very slow 5-10 mph allowing the hail to accumulate rapidly in the South Bay, according to NBC Bay Area Meteorologist Rob Mayeda.

"Enough of it fell clearly to cover hillsides with what looked like snow from far away and made driving on roads coated in hail pretty tough for a short time," Mayeda said.

What was also unusual was how long the storm lasted while moving slowly to the southwest, according to Mayeda.

The National Weather Service confirmed that although it looked like snow was falling in the Bay Area, it was indeed hail.

Many took to social media thinking what they saw was snow, baffled by the white they saw up in the hills of San Jose covering roads, car windshields and lawns.

"There was lots of lightining and thunder and then it started to rain where we are and then we just saw this one hill covered in snow," said Ellis Cerda of San Jose.

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