Tips on Throwing a Spooktacular Halloween Party on a Budget

Here's how to keep your party simple and cost-effective, but also fun for your children.

With Halloween a few days away, some kids are already in the holiday spirit. Throwing a party, with all its trappings and adornments, can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. Entertaining expert Paul Zhan has some tips on how to get your children into the Halloween spirit with a spooky soiree without breaking the bank.

Keep decorations simple and fun with garland

Looking to spruce up your usual Halloween decorations? Using twine or string in place of putty or tape can be a great twist, allowing you to hang up a line of decorations with ease. Kids can have fun helping you tie together pieces of the garland. They’ll even practice their fine motor skills in the process.

Twigs, small pumpkins and fake leaves are fantastic touches to give your house a creepy forest vibe, and they can easily be purchased at 99-cent stores or your local craft store.

Best of all, the decorations can be reused for Thanksgiving next month!

Liven up the party with classic games

A sugary twist on the classic "bobbing for apples" activity, you can use the string you got for your decorations to dangle mini doughnuts from the ceiling or a tree. Children can then race each other to see who can pull their doughnut off the line first without using their arms. It’ll be a game that everyone wins.

Alternatively, you can stick with the original apple bobbing game. Just fill a large bucket or tub with water and add several apples. The first one to grab an apple with their teeth is the winner! You can even use mini apples for younger children, but make sure the fruits aren’t small enough for them to choke on.

Try healthy alternatives to Halloween snacks

Since kids will receive their fill of candy in a few days, consider giving your children something a bit healthier. MadeGood’s organic mini chocolate chip granola bars are Halloween-themed and nut-free, and pair great with Blue Diamond’s almond milk. Recommended flavors include horchata and Mexican hot chocolate.

For older kids, be creative with a charcuterie board arrangement. For example, make a cheddar coffin or add gummy worms to add to the Halloween atmosphere.

Your children can express some creativity of their own with Cheryl’s Cookies, which features a Halloween-themed cookie decorating kit. Kids can add frightening frosting and spooky sprinkles to their treats, giving them a taste of the holiday to come.

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