Hewlett-Packard's Split Will Affect Thousands of Tech Workers

Hewlett-Packard is splitting and it's a split that will affect sixty thousand tech workers, and take one of the building blocks of Silicon Valley into a new direction.

On Monday morning, people will report to both HP Inc, the company making personal computers and printers, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which is in the data center business.

"I do think if the margins continue to shrink and the two companies can’t work together to create solutions, then they’ll lose customers and have more layoffs," Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, said.

The split also changes things for HP investors and there are a lot of them here in the Bay Area.

On Monday, two separate companies will trade on the stock exchange with different stock symbols.

The split comes while HP prepares for layoffs announced back in September.  

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