“It's Pretty Scary”: Meteorologist Christina Loren on Hurricanes to Hit Hawaii on Her Honeymoon

You can't take the thirst for weather out of a meteorologist. Even if she's on her honeymoon.

NBC Bay Area Meteorologist Christina Loren flew to Hawaii to get married on Wednesday, but because of the two hurricanes set to hit the Big Island, she hasn't stopped working.

She's been tweeting photos of Fiji water bottles flying off the shelves and of clouds hanging low in the skies, and on Friday morning, she appeared on the Weather Channel twice. She also gave her home station an early morning Skype interview to talk about Hurricane Iselle.

"It's pretty scary," she said from her hotel in Maui, with her new husband, Juan Bella, acting as her cameraman.

The rain and wind started to drench parts of the Big Island on Friday. The tropical storm took down trees and caused store signs to blow with the torrential gusts.

But she was more worried about NBC Bay Area Traffic Reporter Mike Inouye, who is also vacationing with his family in Hilo – where both Iselle and Hurricane Julio are expected to hit between Friday and Sunday.

Iselle was downgraded to a tropical storm, but in Loren's expert opinion, that could mean less wind but lots more rain for the island. "That's a big concern," she said.

Loren knows all about crazy weather. She moved to Miami for three years to track the tropics and got her chance to cover a tropical depression, otherwise known as a cyclone.

Hawaii Hit With Tropical Storm Iselle, Hurricane Julio on the Way

"Now I come to Hawaii to get married, and there are two whopper storms on the way," she wrote on her Facebook page. "Oh, the irony."

In a phone interview, she added that being in the center of an impending hurricane is "way better" than a cyclone, and being there now with such a big weather event happening is a "blessing."

"Every meteorologist wants to ride out a storm like this one, so we can know what it's like and better inform the public," she said.

Knowing exactly what havoc Mother Nature could wreak, Loren has already stocked up on batteries and water.

Now she's holed up in the hotel with her beloved. Her extended family is there too, and because they're all confined to the indoors, she said, "it's bringing us really close."

Still, she's worried more about other brides whose wedding dates were set for this weekend. "You know their weddings are going to get canceled," she said.

As for her and her new husband?

"We don't mind being hunkered down in the hotel," she said.

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