San Francisco

Suspects Who Led LAPD on High-Speed Chase Allegedly from Oakland

A high-speed chase that began in the streets of Los Angeles Friday was led by a group of burglars allegedly from the Bay Area, police said.

Three men and one woman were arrested after they led police on a chase on Highway 101 and Interstate 405.

Police say they followed the group for three months, and the suspects have been driving from Oakland to Los Angeles on weekends to commit burglaries.

"Over the past couple months, organized burglaries have occurred consisting of gang members from the greater Oakland, San Francisco area," said Capt. James Roberts.

Officials say the Wilshire area, west of Los Angeles, has had more than 230 burglaries this year that the group is connected to.

Los Angeles police issued a warning to tourists who are thinking about committing crimes in their city.

"A short message from burglary vehicle crews from the greater Oakland, San Francisco area, LA is aware of you," Capt. Roberts said. "You will be arrested if you come into town, just like your friends were today."

Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb had a more collective apporach in mind. "We don't need any name calling, this city that city," he said. "We need people working together with our investigative units and police chiefs and our cities to try to reduce crime throughout our state." 

The suspects arrested Friday have yet to be identified.

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