Making Pigs Fly: Stanford Band Prepared for 2016 Rose Parade

The Stanford University Marching Band is in Pasadena practicing for the 2016 Rose Parade.

Known for being weird, wacky and unpredictable, the Stanford band plans to switch things up during the performance.

"They say that seeing the Stanford Band march like a regular 'ole [sic] band is like seeing a pig fly. Well, it's happening," band member Collin Christner said via email.

The Rose Parade requires bands to march in step, and Christner says the band hasn't marched traditionally since 1971. While the Stanford band has marched in the Rose Bowl parade before, members are learning even more traditional marches for Friday morning's parade.

But wackiness will of course still be a part of the act.

"We also plan to make a pig fly," Christner said. "It's true!"

The 127th Rose Parade steps off Friday, Jan. 1 at 8 a.m.

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