San Jose

Shooting Suspect Near Stevens Creek Toyota in San Jose Slips Away

A manhunt was ended early Wednesday morning outside the Stevens Creek Toyota in San Jose, after a man fired shots and two other men in plain view of a Santa Clara police officer.

Police had surrounded the dealership for about four hours, but ended it about 6 a.m. saying they believe the suspect had gotten away.

About 2 a.m., San Jose police said a man was reported to have dropped a gun and ammunition, which was recovered. Officers believe it was the same weapon a Santa Clara police officer saw the suspect using to fire at two other men during a fight in the 4200 block of Stevens Creek Boulevard.

“We don’t know where he is, but we think we have him contained,” San Jose Police Lt. Paul Joseph said before the manhunt was called off.

No one was hurt during the shooting.

Two other men were detained but were not answering questions or cooperating, according to Sgt. Enrique Garcia. One of them had to be restrained after trying to kick out the windows of a Santa Clara police patrol car. That man was arrested for obstructing an officer and the second man was released, Enrique said.

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