Manteca Company Cooks Up California's Biggest Burger

Feat of meat tips scale at 250 pounds

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, a colossosal burger big enough to feed the whole block party.

A Manteca company cooked up a 250-pound hamburger this weekend, smashing the California state record they set three years ago. The feat of meat secures the Fagundes Meat and Catering Co. as the true king of the burger.

It took two days to grind the meat for the ultimate patty. They started cooking it Saturday at 7 a.m. and by noon, 500 growling bellies were ready for a taste.

Nobody went hungry. Fagundes owner Frank Teixeira and his crew handed out 1-pound sized portions with all the toppings to anxious fans after the four-and-a-half hour cooking time.

In 2007, Teixeira helped set the biggest-burger state record with a 220-pound mass of meat.

Hungry yet?

Apologies, vegans. We're still looking for the state's biggest tofurger.

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