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Credit Card Skimmers Found at Two ATMs Owned by Bank of America in Morgan Hill

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Skimmers are just about everywhere. In just the last two weeks, Morgan Hill police said they found six skimmers and a tiny camera at two ATMs owned by Bank of America.

The latest bust was Thursday near Cochrane Plaza, right next to a security camera.

The incident left several people surprised.

“Wow, wow how do you do that?” said Morgan Hill resident Florida Johanson.

While other people NBC Bay Area spoke to Friday said they were angry as the crime keeps happening.

“This is not the first time this happens to us already, and we have to cancel the cards and everything,” said Morgan Hill resident Aide Camacho.

Camacho told NBC Bay Area that a few months ago, another set of skimmers were found at another location and her card was quickly declined after she said that someone started making illegal transactions of over $100.

“It was so quick, and there doing it so often, you don’t feel safe,” she said.

In a statement, Bank of America confirmed Friday that ATMs are regularly checked for skimmers and police are called if any are found. The bank added its clients are covered by a zero liability policy, if they report the fraud quickly.

Morgan Hill police always recommends feeling around the card reader to see if something wiggles or comes out of place, and if it does that most likely means something was installed illegally,

Officials said that it's important to look at the alignment of the card reader before inserting any debit card or credit card.

According to Morgan Hill police, they said they will be meeting with Bank of America officials next week to discuss strengthening security measures.

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