San Francisco

New Ferry Service Proposed in Bay Area

Commuters along the Peninsula may soon have another option to get to work in San Francisco.

A private ferry company has applied for state approval to operate a public ferry service between Redwood City, San Francisco and two East Bay locations.

Company officials say the ferry service, called Prop SF, would operate during peak commute hours. The company’s CEO James Jaber says the ferry shuttle has already been working for a handful of tech companies, similar to a Google bus.

If the Public Utilities Commission approves, Jaber will be expanding service to the public.

“We’re cutting the commute time in half,” Jaber said. “We can get from the East Bay to Redwood City in 45 minutes and from the East Bay to San Francisco in 12 minutes.”

But it might be pricey. A  one way trip from Redwood City to San Francisco would come in at $15. 

Those approximations are already exciting some commuters tired of morning traffic jams.

“Do work on the ferry and get to my office, which is right on the water in Redwood City? That would make my life 10 times easier,” said commuter Paul Hastings.

“I think that would be really awesome for commuters, a nice way to travel and not have to worry about traffic,” echoed Rachel Tatusko.

The Water Emergency Transportation Authority has expressed concerns over safety and the possibility that future routes may conflict with the publicly subsidized water routes, but Jaber is hoping a deal can be reached.

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