Pandora Dials Up an IPO

Your favorite app could be your next stock

How's this for a catchy tune: Pandora filing for an IPO.

That's right, your favorite app could soon be your favorite stock. Pandora has filed papers to go from your mobile device to Wall Street, in what could be one of the year's most closely-watched public offerings.

According to the company's latest financial filings, it's actually losing money (a litttle), but given the 10 billion dollar valuation tag on Twitter these days, profit doesn't seem to be all that necessary for going public or drawing investor interest anymore. What Pandora does have is momentum (it's showing up on more and more mobile devices these days) and positive buzz. People love it.

It will be interesting to see if Pandora passes muster as a publicly traded company.  It's certainly in a hotspot as the darling of the mobile world.  Its Music Genome Project, which once seemed like a novelty experiment, could soon be broadcast all over the stock exchange.

Scott was an early Pandora adopter. He's on Twitter: @scottbudman
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