Passengers Hurt in Muni Crash

Nobody wins a Muni versus Muni incident

It was Muni v. Muni Thursday morning in San Francisco.

Two light rail cars collided at about 6:30 a.m.  Both railcars have pretty decent-sized dents in them bad but neither was entirely crushed. The trains were towed away and will be checked out as part of the investigation.

The regular J Church Muni Metro service has been disrupted. A J Church light rail car and an F Market historic streetcar crashed on the San Jose Avenue right-of-way near Highland. Both vehicles were traveling inbound toward downtown; the F Market uses the J tracks to enter service.

The J reportedly struck the F. Bus shuttles are serving J customers between San Jose/30th Ave. and Balboa Park. There are three reported injuries, none them are life-threatening according to the San Francisco Fire Department.

Police also say two other people refused to be transported. The Muni Operator from the F Market streetcar has been transported to the hospital, as were two adult female passengers on the J Church. There were no passengers on the F when the accident happened.

Several investigators from Muni are on the scene taking measurements and photographs. One SFPD officer said the cars ended up 83 feet apart after the accident. He was unsure if someone moved them.

How did this happen? So far Muni is not saying who is at fault. But if you can avoid the area, please do. There are rubberneckers everywhere.

Crashes are piling up for Muni. The agency is already under fire for of a number of collisions last year.

The NTSB is still investigating the crash of an L train that injured 48 people in July. It happened when one train slammed into another at the West Portal station. Their preliminary investigation found the train's operator likely caused the collision.

A month later, a Nissan Pathfinder was crushed between two Muni streetcars on Noel Street. A couple days after that, 14 people were injured when a train rear ended another on the Embarcadero.

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