Poll: San Francisco Voters Back Soda Tax

Cigarettes = soda? 74 percent of voters support putting a warning label on soda

The people back the soda tax.

And maybe it's time to treat soda like we treat cigarettes.

The idea of putting a 2-cent-per-ounce levy on soda and other "sugary drinks" may have legs, after the notion of putting warning labels on soda received 74 percent support in a recent Field Poll, according to reports.

The "large, bipartisan majority" of voters who backed being tough on soft drinks -- of the 1,002 voters surveyed -- indicated that the proposal from San Francisco supervisors to tax soda in order to cut down on diabetes and fund nutrition programs may have momentum, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Voters were asked if they would be OK with the following label on soda drinks: "Studies show that daily consumption of sodas and other sugary drinks contribute to diabetes, obesity and tooth decay."

That had 74 percent support -- but the idea of putting a tax on soda got 67 percent backing, which is important: the tax, to be put before voters this year, needs two-thirds support.

Tellingly, another poll funded by the Chamber of Commerce on the tax showed far less than two-thirds support, the newspaper reported.

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