Preservation Commission Wants to Preserve Castro’s Pride Flags


Pride banners that have lined San Francisco's Market Street in the Castro for years may be able to stay despite concerns that they are harming historic landmarks.

The banners were placed on historic light posts on Market Street about a decade ago and somehow they have stayed on the posts despite the fact that they are technically illegal.

Residents want the banners to stay but all agree the current banners, which are tethered and show signs of their age, should be replaced. But some are concerned that when the banners are removed they will damage the light posts they hang from.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty, a mayoral hopeful, introduced legislation to allow the banners to remain permanently and be replaced every three years.

On Wednesday, the Historic Preservation Commission gave more credence to the legislation when it recommended that the Board of Supervisors allow the banners to be replaced as long as the light posts are monitored to make sure they are not damaged.

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