President Barack Obama to Host Google Hangout

If there was any doubt that it's political season, look no further than President Barack Obama's social media engagement.

The President recently began sharing over-saturated pictures on Instgram, while his wife Michelle Obama joined Twitter earlier this month.

But don't worry, Sasha and Malia are still not allowed on Facebook.

Now Mr. Obama is planning to conduct a hang out on Google+ at some point next week, according to The Associated Press.

The President is planning to take questions on the afternoon of Jan. 30 ahead of his State of the Union address.

Google will take questions from viewers via YouTube on the White House Channel and then submit them to Mr. Obama during his chat session on the Mountain View-based search company's social network based on what questions are voted by users as their favorites.

The President will also speak directly to some Google Plus users. He is scheduled to address the nation the following day.

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