San Francisco Officials Plan “420” Party Crackdown

“It was a little insane.”

San Francisco Supervisor London Breed is talking about last year’s April 20 "420" marijuana celebration in Golden Gate Park.

A video posted on Youtube shows a fight breaking out in the middle of thousands of people on Hippie Hill.

A soccer mom who uses the field where people gathered says the smoke-filled event was shocking.

"It was insane -- you couldn't find parking -- it was wall to wall zombie people," Linda Ravano said.

When thousands of people got into their cars and poured into the Haight Ashbury last year, Breed got an eyeful.

"I really had a problem," Breed said. "There were so many underage kids drinking and they were high ... and to see adults passing marijuana from their car windows to people they don't know the age of, that's a problem for me."

The crowd also left a mountain of trash.

San Francisco Rec and Park said it cost $15,000 to clean up 10,000 pounds of litter.

This year, Breed said, the San Francisco Police Department is stepping up patrols.

"We want to make sure there’s enough law enforcement in case there are issues," she said.

The owner of The Booksmith on Haight said last year, when she called police for dealing with a fight, officers had trouble getting through the crowd.

This year, many business owners say they are ready for "420." Some are adding staff while others are closing down.

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