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San Francisco Program Warns Motorists Via Text That Their Car Is About to Get Towed

Motorists need to fill out an online form in order to enroll in the 'Text Before Tow' program

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Motorists in San Francisco who enroll in a new program will be notified via text that their vehicle is about to be towed.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency called the "Text Before Tow" pilot program a first of its kind.

When a vehicle is designated to be towed, the registered owner will receive a text message saying a tow truck has been dispatched to take their car away.

Motorists must go online and fill out the "Text Before Tow" program application in order to enroll in the program and get the alerts.

While the notification may save a driver from having their car towed, they will still receive a parking citation.

The SFMTA said the program only applies to four specific violations: blocked driveways, parking in construction zones and temporary no-parking zones, and parking in a space for longer than 72 hours.

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