San Francisco

People Rally in San Francisco Streets for 50th Pride Weekend

Though majority of celebrations were virtual,  some people took to the streets to march and rally.

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San Francisco's 50th Pride weekend is here but the parade and in-person celebrations are not happening due to the pandemic. Though most of the celebration is virtual, that didn’t stop some people for taking to the streets to march and rally.

They gathered on Polk Street and marched toward City Hall, a call to action by Alex U. Inn and Juanita Mora.

They said they are both fed up with what’s happening in the country.

“After the Compton riot and the riots for Stonewall 50 years ago where the first march was on Polk Street and that’s why we’re starting here and that was started because of the riots and that feels good that we’re going to be marching together,” said Mora. 

This weekend will mark the 50th anniversary of San Francisco Pride. Christie Smith reports.

People were told to wear masks and keep a social distance. They formed a diverse group in solidarity, as they walked toward the Civic Center carrying signs with a message.

“That Black Lives Matter that all Black trans lives matter, health care matters, all Black health care rights matter,” said Ella Harris from San Jose.

At the rally there were reflections on the death of George Floyd at the hands of police as people protested racial injustice and police violence.

“We are tired of brown and Black bodies ending up in a body bag, this has got to stop,” said Inn.

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