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San Francisco Woman on Missing List After New Zealand Volcano Eruption Is Safe in Australia: Family

Photo of Cathy Huang
Huang family

A San Francisco woman who was listed as missing following the New Zealand volcano eruption is alive and safe in Australia, her family told NBC Bay Area Wednesday morning.

Cathy Huang left New Zealand just before the volcano erupted and has been in Australia for the past few days without cellphone service, according to her parents.

A list of those missing published by the New Zealand Red Cross initially listed Cathy on Tuesday, but later removed her.

Before learning she was OK, Huang's father and sister were extremely concerned for her safety and had been trying to contact her.

A San Francisco woman is listed among the missing from the New Zealand volcano eruption. Sonja Shin reports.

Rong Huang, Cathy's father, said his daughter left the day after Thanksgiving on a trip with a friend to New Zealand and Australia. The father said he did not understand why Cathy was listed as missing because he heard from her this past Sunday that she left New Zealand before the volcano erupted.

Officials this week said the volcano eruption left at least six people dead. In all, police believe there were 47 visitors on the island at the time of the eruption.

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