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SF Bars Now Requiring Proof of Vaccination

85% of bar owners in the city are in favor of requiring proof of vaccination for indoor customers

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COVID-19 numbers in the Bay Area have been trending up and bars in San Francisco are reacting accordingly.

If you're planning to visit the city this weekend, you might want to carry your vaccination card as many bars are now requiring to see proof of immunization.

Aside from your ID card, bars such as 7 Stills Brewery and Distillery started asking for proof of vaccination only if dining inside their establishment.

"Proof of vaccination either means you have your actual card or photo of your card. But that’s only inside," said manager Texas Enkil. "Outside you can dine or drink in our beer garden, no proof of vaccination required."

Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio, a jazz club in the city, made a similar move.

Since they only have indoor space, all of its musicians, staff and customers are now required to show proof of vaccination.

"It was done in order to keep our staff, our community, our musicians safe and hopefully to prevent another shutdown," said owner Jay Bordeleau.

Some bar goers are confused about the new requirements, and others are on board with business owners' decision.

"It’s a big logistical issue in a lot of ways but I think businesses have the right to enforce something," said Ari Lawrence from Oakland.

"I think it’s great. I don’t know how we’re all gonna get out of this if there isn't some way to prove that people are vaccinated," said Jennifer Redmond who is visiting from San Diego.

Ben Blieman, San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance's president said bars in the city are choosing to keep their staff and patrons safe, and not necessarily taking a moral stance on vaccination.

The group which represents more than 500 bar owners in San Francisco is expected to announce an updated policy on vaccination status Monday morning.

According to Blieman, 85% of bar owners in the city are in favor of requiring proof of vaccination for indoor customers.

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