San Jose Forum Focuses on Fixing Nation's “Broken” Immigration System

Some of the biggest names in California politics gathered Thursday at the Tech Museum of San Jose for an immigration forum.

The forum included hearing from an undocumented student who shared her story of struggling to live the American dream due to out casting and labeling of immigrants. The student's story is also a large part of the reason the University of California president wants to continue to find way to fix the nation's immigration system.

"Next week, we are hosting a first-ever national conference or summit on undocumented students in higher education," UC President Janet Napolitano said.

Although great strides have already been made in California -- including offering undocumented students in-state tuition rates and more access to scholarships -- this panel of leaders from both sides of the aisle agree it may not be enough to meet the state's fiscal and competitive challenges.

"Ten years from now, in an economy predicated on intellectual capital, we won't have enough college graduates," said Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles.

Many who attended Thursday's forum said there is little time to waste in fixing the nation's "broken" immigration system.

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