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San Jose Looking to Help ‘Missing Middle’ in Bay Area Housing Crisis

You can make a six-figure or close to it in the Bay Area not be considered rich, but certainly not low-income either.

In fact, like many people you're in that elusive "middle" -- too much money to qualify for help, but not enough to buy a home in the region.

San Jose is now trying to do something to help address the housing crisis for the so-called "missing middle."

Dan Connolly owns Armored Courier Service, but does not need an armored car for his own money. Though he is solidly middle class, Connolly said that used to mean more when trying to buy a home.

"I could not imagine, nor could I afford to buy in this valley today as a first-time home buyer," Connolly said.

San Jose officials are still trying to determine what the "middle" means.

"We're looking at how we can incentivize or spur more production," San Jose Housing Deputy Director Ragan Henninger said.

Henninger said the city is examining whether it can acquire units, rehab them and then restrict them for the so-called middle-income class.

The economic development committee on Monday decided to put the program before the city council on June 11.

"One of the ideas that I've been advocating for is going back to the model of giving people loans and actually taking part ownership," San Jose Councilman Johnny Khamis said.

That will probably be a big point of debate since the housing department said a loan program would be very costly.

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