San Jose

San Jose Police Hold Another Meeting on Police Drones

San Jose police held another community meeting Saturday at the Mayfair Community Center to address concerns about how their new drone will be used.

The drone was bought by the bomb squad unit a year ago. Officers once again reassured people  the device would not be used for monitoring.

"So that they understand, we are not going to use it for surveillance," San Jose police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said. "We are only going to use it for emergencies that could put human life at risk."

But Larry Ames, the chair of the San Jose Neighborhoods Commission, said he understands the concerns of some residents.

"I think the community is generally comfortable with that aspect," Ames said. "They are very much afraid of mission creep, that it would be used for other situations."

Neighbors said they are worried police will expand the role of the drone and invade the public's privacy.

The drone is not yet in operation. It still needs to be approved by the city and the FAA.

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