Sideshow Activity in San Jose Leads to Citations, Damaged Police Car

Four cars were impounded, seven citations were handed out and a police car was damaged following sideshow activity in San Jose early Sunday, according to police.

Officers first responded to a call around 1:15 a.m. about a sideshow occurring in the area of Oakland Road and Fox Lane, according to police. Those partaking in the stunts were spinning out, doing "donuts" and blocking lanes of traffic.

Another officer responding to the scene came across the reckless drivers in the area of Old Bayshore Highway and the Interstate 880 overpass, according to police. All lanes of the roadway were either blocked by cars partaking in the stunts or people watching.

As the officer tried to drive through the area, their rear window was smashed and people kicked the squad car, according to police. The officer was not injured.

Additional officers from the police department, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office and the California Highway Patrol eventually arrived to detain some racers and dish out citations in the area of Ridder Park Drive and Brokaw Road, police said.

Further information was not available.

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