Deputies Raise Money for Homeless Man's Injured Dog

Five Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies decided to start a GoFundMe page for a homeless man and his dog after the canine was struck by a light rail train in San Jose.

A dog struck by a VTA train in San Jose on Monday night will be reunited with owners following recovery at Santa Clara County Animal Shelter.

The animal shelter says Charlie is still sore but is walking around. Veterinarians say his pelvic and spinal x-rays show no signs of internal injuries.

Saturday afternoon Charlie will be reunited with the family who owned him before his homeless owner. The county animal shelter scanned Charlie's microchip and found Charlie was still registered to the family.

The family had given Charie to the transient when they were no longer able to take care of him. Now that they are in a more stable home, the family is happy to take Charlie home to play with their little girl.

The family still has a relationship with the homeless man who crossed the train tracks with Charlie. They have agreed to set up regular visits with the dog and the previous owner who is still homeless. 

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies raised money for the homeless man’s injured dog after the canine was struck by a VTA train Monday night in San Jose.

The man tried crossing the train tracks with his dog Charlie and a bicycle around 8 p.m. near the intersection of North First Street and Skyport Drive. According to sheriff’s deputies, the man was crossing outside of a crosswalk in an unlit area and said he didn’t notice the train coming.

The man wasn’t hurt, but his dog suffered major injuries.

The sheriff’s office says the dog, which weighs about 30 pounds, was knocked unconscious but did regain consciousness. He was bleeding from his mouth and ear and was taken to a nearby animal hospital.

Deputies say the owner was crying and very upset about his injured dog. The man relinquished ownership of the dog because he was unable to pay for the treatment.

As a result, at least five deputies started a GoFund Me page called "Save Charlie" to pay for his care and in hope of returning the dog to his owner. Over $6,000 was raised in the first nine hours. By Friday deputies raised over $10,000.

"It was an unfortunate accident and it was obvious to the deputies on scene that this dog is his world and probably his best friend," said Sgt. Dave Cobble. "All of us here we all have dogs, we can all relate to how that relationship can be very tight and very bonding and so we all decided hey, what if it was us and we were homeless? We would somebody to try and help us out."

The sheriff’s office is trying to get in contact with the owner to let him know the bill will be paid.

Tuesday afternoon, the dog was moved from the hospital to the County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter, where treatment will continue.

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