Santa Clara Soccer League Wants Restraining Order Against NFL for Fields Near Levi’s Stadium

Soccer or football?

That is the big debate as to who will control the elite soccer fields adjacent to Levi's Stadium during the Super Bowl in February.

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League on Thursday took the matter before a judge, hoping to block the National Football League from taking over the fields.

A judge is scheduled to make a ruling Wednesday on who will have control of the fields throughout the Super Bowl. The judge is expected to either allow the NFL to use the fields or issue a restraining order against it.

"We learned that a lot of heavy equipment would come into the fields and the fields could be ruined," said Gautam Dutta, the soccer club's attorney.

Several soccer players and parents flocked into superior court Thursday morning to ask a judge to issue a temporary injunction preventing the NFL from taking over the soccer fields near Levi's Stadium. The proposed injunction would begin on Monday.

"We're very sorry it came to this, especially at the 11th hour," said Ren Nosky, Santa Clara city attorney.

Nosky said the NFL only plan to begin prep work on the fields starting Monday.

The fields are currently used by the Santa Clara Youth League, but the city said it agreed in a contract to let the NFL use the fields for its Super Bowl media compound starting Monday.

Dutta said the judge announced in chambers that he has no control over the NFL, but hopes the league does no do anything drastic to the fields between now and Wednesday.

The NFL has said it would repair and restore those fields after the Super Bowl.

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