SF Artists Paint 49er Mural: “The City Bleeds Gold”

Stand on Mission Street between 22nd St and 23rd Street and stare toward the sky.

On a rooftoop wall a new mural has popped up marking San Francisco's love for the Super Bowl-bound 49ers. 

Two graffiti artists, Steve Ha and Tim Hon, are the creators.  They call it: The City Bleeds Gold. 

They carry crates of specialized spray paint with them and use rock climbing gear to get up high. 

The mural is big and detailed but they say it only took them about a day and a half to create.

It started with a sketch and developed into a 30-foot work of art.  The building manager at the Masonic Center decided the time was right to honor the team.

 The wall had been hit by taggers before so why not color it with red and gold?  It doesn't hurt that his family has been fans of the team since 1947. The mural features the team helmet pouring from cracks in the wall. 

Ha said: "We thought it would be great to capture the gold flowing out.  It's kind of the like the history of the city with the gold rush." 

The pair has also created Niners art in Santa Clara and another building in the Mission District.  They say player Vernon Davis signed it.  They are also doing comissioned work on canvas for the faithful to display on Superbowl Sunday.  

When asked what they might create should the Niners win it all, they said they're still thinking it over.

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