Giants Apologize for Loud Jay Z & Beyonce Concert at AT&T Park, Adjust Volume for Second Show

The San Francisco Giants are apologizing to neighbors in San Francisco who say Tuesday night’s Jay Z and Beyonce concert at AT&T Park was too loud.

People miles away from the park say they could clearly hear the music.

Neighbors say it was much louder than games or concerts in the past – so loud they couldn't sleep.

Wednesday’s show, observers said, looked like it was much quieter in comparison, thanks to sound adjustments and forces of nature.

Twitter blew up Tuesday night during the concert. [[270254941, R]]

Some fans enjoyed the free show while others were annoyed with the inconvenience.

“I could hear the beat. It was fun for a while and then when it was time to put my kid to sleep it was a little much,” said San Francisco resident Nafysa Parpia.

Some people in the Potrero Hill neighborhood felt like they were there.

“Our windows were shaking at some point, a lot of cheering and screaming,” one resident said.

“It was very loud, we had to close our windows and it was a hot night,” another San Francisco resident said.

The Giants are apologizing and promise volume adjustments for Tuesday’s concert.

Giants Enterprises Vice President Sara Hunt says each show has different sound dynamics

“In the 15-year history of the ballpark we have always worked to make adjustments as needed,” Hunt said in a statement.

The Giants say crews worked around the clock to figure out the volume issue.

NBC Bay Area's Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri explains why the concert was much louder to some in SF.

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