San Francisco

SF’s Municipal Transportation Agency Proposes New Parking Pilot Program

San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency is proposing a new pilot program that would put a cap on parking permits at two per household.

If approved, neighborhoods the Dogpatch and Northwest Bernal Heights would become testing grounds for the pilot program.

“Under this policy, visitors could park if they pay,” said San Francisco’s MTA parking manager, Hank Wilson. “That they would not have a time limit that they would have to adhere to but they’d have to pay in order to park here. For resident, nothing would change.”

Parking in these neighborhoods is already an issue for people who work in nearby businesses, and many employees usually park in areas marked only for two hour parking.

If the MTA approves the pilot program, the two-hour parking signs will be swapped for a new system called ‘Paid-Plus.’

If the pilot program is approved by the board of directors next week, it would take months to implement but would be expanded to other parts San Francisco.

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