SF Sports Bar Temporarily Closes After Employees Test Positive for COVID-19

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An owner of a San Francisco sports bar said that his restaurant would close its doors temporarily after some of his workers tested positive for COVID-19.

Sunday nights would usually be a busy night for San Francisco’s Connecticut Yankee sports bar, a Potrero Hill business that caters to East Coast fans. Instead, it was closed.

A sign was posted on the front door and it said that employees tested positive for COVID-19 and they may reopen Monday, if everyone tests negative.

San Jose resident Darren Lancaster said he feels for the owners and workers.

“They don’t know what to do. They’re shut down. They’re open. I mean it’s really rough to be in business,” he said.

The restaurant owner declined to do an on-camera interview with NBC Bay Area’s Thom Jensen Sunday, but he told Jensen by phone that the plan now is to reopen on Dec. 27.

Golden Gate Restaurant Association Executive Director Laurie Thomas said her organization, which represents dozens of businesses, is urging owners to make sure employees get COVID-19 booster shots.

“Most of our membership has been very supportive of that, and I know in talking to our board over this past week, our board of directors, everybody has been pushing for employees to get booster shots,” she said.

As a restaurant owner herself, Thomas also told her staff to get boosted by Jan. 15 or they don’t come to work until they do.

Thomas added that she doesn’t want people to panic. But she’s learned during this pandemic it’s best to be prepared.

Right now, updated vaccinations and even double masking at work could be the best solutions to avoiding infections from omicron.

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