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Silicon Valley Company Gets Go-Ahead for Wireless Charging; Stock Triples

Three days ago, Energous was working on what many in Silicon Valley consider the Holy Grail of the tech industry.

On Wednesday, the world saluted the company as the leader in wireless, over-the-air charging.

The mobile world may never be the same.

Energous just became the first company to land FCC approval for over the air wireless charging.

“This represents the future of charging,” says Ebergous CEO Stephen Rizzone.

We met with Rizzone at Energous headquarters in San Jose for a first look at how the “Power at a distance” transmitter works.

It sends out a signal, as far as 15 feet, to charge mobile devices. That includes phones, fitness devices, TV remotes, laptops, and others.

No more crowding around coffee shop and airport outlets. With Bluetooth inside, the transmitter will even, up to a point, follow you and your mobile device around.

And, after Wall Street voted with big dollars, tripling the company’s share price in two days after the FCC news hit, Rizzone admits he’s in a powerful position, but one with a lot of pressure. “It’s encumbent on us,” he says, “to deliver on the dream.”

With other companies, including Apple, working on the same technology, the race is on.

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