‘Siri for Android' App not Exactly ‘Official'

A misleading new app in the Android Market is using Apple's Siri logo to lure users into downloading it.

"Siri for Android" appeared Wednesday, and instead of being another Siri imitation like Vlingo, Iris and Cluzee, it's really just a shortcut that launches Google's built-in Voice Actions.

The app developer, "Official App," described the app like this: "Siri, now for your Android device! This application is a Siri icon that opens 'Google's Voice Actions' app."

Maybe no one reads descriptions very well, or maybe there are people out there who actually want an app that does essentially nothing, but The Next Web reported that at least 1,000 people have already downloaded the app.

Because the Android Market is basically moderated by its users, some people who have caught on are giving the app poor ratings in an attempt to prevent it from trending on download charts.

Interestingly, the developer "Official App" also submitted another (unofficial) Pinterest app. It redirects users to a mobile website that can easily be accessed without the app. About 10,000 people have already downloaded that one.

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