Spotify Could Surface Via Facebook

Earlier this year popular Swedish-based music streaming service Spotify told its American fans that it was planning a cross pond invasion within months.

Now reports are surfacing that Spotify may join the US market through a partnership with Facebook.

Forbes reports that the two companies are close to a deal that would add a Spotify icon on the left hand side of Facebook's newsfeed and allow users to stream music straight through their profiles.

Users would also be able to listen to music at the same time with Facebook friends. Neither company commented on the rumors.

Earlier this year, Spotify announced it is preparing to launch stateside in "the coming months."

The service has grown in popularity in Europe for offering users an unlimited selection of streaming music from several major record labels, including EMI, Sony and Warner Music Group.

In an email sent to a select group of Americans who have been testing out the service, Spotify said it plans to be available across the country both online through computers and mobile devices.

Spotify is still securing rights to stream music in the US from major record labels. And any deal would be contingent on those partnerships being established first.

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