Star Wars Cartoon? The Force Is Strong With This One

Move over Homer Simpson, George Lucas is about to enter your TV space.

Marin County's Lucasfilm says it will produce an animated sitcom based on all things Star Wars.

Daily Variety quotes Lucasfilm describing the series as a "look at the saga’s characters with a playful and irreverent tone."  That sounds a lot like George's first Star Wars creation in 1977 and the banter between Luke and Princess Leia or Han and Chewy.  Now that was funny.

No start date has been declared and Lucasfilm isn't even saying if it has a network willing to give the idea a time slot.  Apparently they confirmed the deal to Variety to stop some inaccurate rumors.

The show does, on the other hand, have a pretty impressive list of producers behind it, including The Daily Show's Brendan Hay, who has signed on as head writer. 

Yes, there is already a cartoon called "Star Wars: The Clone Warsector."  That's for kids. This project is more in the adult sitcom venue.

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