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State-of-the-Art Security Technology at Levi's Stadium in Time for Super Bowl 50

Levi's Stadium is using new state of the art security technology to help keep fans safe.

The new security measures comes at a right time as homeland security recently labeled Super Bowl 50 a "level one threat" -- the highest classification for security at national events. Football's biggest game is set to be played in the Bay Area at Levi's Stadium on Feb. 7.

The new software being used for security at the stadium was developed by San Jose-based Allied Telesis. Police, Valley Transportation Authority and the stadium all have access to the same system thanks to the new software.

In addition, there is a new security command post inside the stadium. The system will now allow NFL security direct access to VTA cameras and sensors in the area, and vice versa.

For example, if there were an emergency a real-time alert would notify police, the sheriff's department and other law enforcement agencies in the area. Officials said the technology has never been used in a stadium before.

"Through the use of cameras and sensors, it allows the public safety, VTA and the city to make sure that anytime a sensors threshold is breached, the information is sent back and they can communicate together in real time," said Jennifer Yamaguma, spokesperson for the City of Santa Clara.

VTA received a nearly $2 million federal grant to fund the project.

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