Steve Jobs Spotted at Apple HQ

Those worried about Steve Jobs and his health may be happy to hear he was reportedly tooling around the Apple campus Jan. 31 and looking healthy, at least according to one witness.

That witness, New York author and bank consultant Matthew Cross, stopped by the Cupertino headquarters Jan. 31 to drop off a copy of his book and geekily buy Apple swag, according to Business Insider.

That's when Cross spotted Jobs walking from a building "with a healthy spring in his step" and talking into his iPhone. Cross, a self-proclaimed fan, then ran after him -- hopefully in a less than stalkerish fashion -- but either Jobs legged it or ignored him.

Last month, Jobs announced he was leaving Apple on an indefinite medical leave and chief operating officer Tim Cook took over his duties.

It's not surprising that Jobs would still be around Apple, he still is its chief executive, but he needs time to devote to whatever medical procedure he may need. If it's anything like last time, it may take six months or so before he's ready to spend a full work week back at Apple.

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