Tesla Receives Semi Truck Order Worth Up to $100 Million: Report

Veronique Dupont/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla recently received its largest order to date for its Semi electric truck, worth up to $100 million, even though the company has not yet started production on the truck, according to a report from Electrek.

Pride Group Enterprises, a Dallas-based holding company whose main business is truck leasing, announced in a news release Wednesday it has reserved 150 Tesla Semi trucks, with an option to expand the order to 500.

Palo Alto-based Tesla prices the trucks at an estimated $150,000 to $180,000, making the initial order worth at least $22.5 million and the full order worth up to $100 million depending on the final number of trucks and their configurations, Electrek reported.

The initial order under Tesla's reservation system requires a deposit of $3 million.

The Tesla Semi, unveiled in 2017, was scheduled to start production in 2019, but it has been pushed back twice and now is set to roll out some time in 2021, Electrek reported.

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