World’s Top New Year’s Eve Option in the City

Want to ring in the new year with a little adventure?

City Kayak

Still looking for something to do this Thursday night?  We've got one of the world's best "extreme" celebrations for you right here in the Bay Area.   

TripAdvisor made a Top Ten list of extreme New Year’s Eve celebrations in the United States and Europe and chose the City Kayak’s New Year’s Eve tour around San Francisco Bay at No. 5. 

Web site editors were looking for options that would give you either a surge of adrenaline or a way to work up a good sweat while ringing in the New Year.

City Kayak takes 30 people out on the bay for a midnight paddle.  For $97, you get one of the best views of the City's annual fireworks display with the skyline as your backdrop.

Rookies need not apply.

The top 10 extreme New Year’s Eve celebrations:

  1.     Nude Year’s Eve:  Miami, Florida
  2.     Loony Dook:  Edinburgh, Scotland
  3.     Torchlight Parade:  Girdwood Alaska
  4.     Skydive Boogie:  Zephyrhills, Florida
  5.     City Kayak:  San Francisco, California
  6.     New Year's Dive: The Hague, Netherlands
  7.     Underwater dive: Torrevieja, Spain
  8.     Emerald Nuts Midnight Run: Central Park, New York   
  9.     Pucker Up: Venice, Italy
  10.     Cursa dels Nassos: Barcelona, Spain

"New Year’s Eve is a great excuse for travelers to let their hair down and push their limits," said TripAdvisor's Christine Petersen. "Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, or just want to get a jump start on your resolution to become more active, we've identified some exceptionally extreme events to get pulses racing in 2010."

Lori Preuitt has celebrated New Year's live on CNN with the New York City ball drop for years. That way she gets to go to bed by 10.

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