Stephen Ellison

Refrigeration Truck Stolen From Food Nonprofit in Pleasant Hill

A refrigeration delivery truck was stolen last week off the property of a nonprofit in Pleasant Hill that provides food to the thousands of needy across Contra Costa County.

Officials with White Pony Express said its largest truck, nicknamed “Suzie,” was stolen Friday from its headquarters at 3380 Vincent Road in Pleasant Hill. The truck is used seven days a week to pick up rescued food from donors and deliver it to nonprofits who feed the hungry across the county, White Pony Express officials said.

Volunteers with the organization said there would be no hard feelings to whoever stole their truck.

"Please reconsider what you've done, and we would appreciate if you return our truck," said Steve Spitzar. "There's a lot of hungry people who depend on our deliveries every day."

The nonprofit estimated that it would cost $70,000 to replace the truck, which is used to carry a significant portion of the 5,000 pounds of food White Pony Express delivers every day, officials said.

Anyone who spots the truck is encouraged to call White Pony Express at (925)-956-1160.

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