Twitter Goes Into Real Estate

Home seller turns to Twitter instead of real estate agent

In the mood to sell your home? Not sure if you want to jump through the hoops of finding an agent to do the dirty work and smooth talking for you?

Sell it yourself! Through Twitter!

The owner of 121A Fair Oaks Street is trying to unload his property by promoting it via Twitter. And they keep it real!

"Although their algorithms are completely bunk, here's 121A Fair Oaks on"

The owners have only been able to draw 10 followers so far but they use their Twitter feed to link to a photo tour of the house, information about the neighborhood it is in and links to listings of the home in several papers and sites.If the idea works it could save the seller anywhere from 2 to 4 percent on the house.

The unit is cute but does it stand a chance to sell itself on Twitter? Biz Stone, one of the founders of Twitter, is also using the social networking site to sell his home. But he also has a real estate agent. We're guessing he has no problems affording one. Maybe Twitter could go into real estate to make money.

Curbed SF contributed to this story.

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