Uber Adds New Features to Driver App to Help With Rising Gas Costs


Uber is adding a new partner and a new feature to its app to help its ride-hailing and delivery drivers find public restrooms and save money on gas.

With gas prices soaring to new highs on Monday, the San Francisco-based company announced a partnership with GetUpside and GasBuddy to launch a Rest & Save feature in its driver app. It is designed to show drivers nearby public restrooms, real-time gas prices and offer them savings at select gas stations, Uber said.

With the free GetUpside app, drivers will be able to save up to 25 cents a gallon at 25,000 stations nationwide, the company said. The savings will be in the form of cash back.

In the Uber driver app, users will be able to tap the coffee cup button on the map to pause requests, then navigate to nearby gas stations or public restrooms, Uber said. They can tap "resume" when they're ready to receive requests again.

The new features rolled out nationwide on Monday for ride-hailing drivers. Delivery drivers will have access starting later this month, the company said.

Uber also announced its Diamond and Platinum drivers can get a free Costco Gold membership to save on cleaning supplies and other auto supplies.

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