UPS Drivers Demanding Better Work Conditions

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Have your packages been delayed? This is in part due to multiple drivers testing positive for COVID-19 and employees demanding better work conditions.

UPS trucks rolled in late at the South San Francisco Facility Tuesday. The reason a barrage of packages to be delivered to quarantined customers. 

“You’ll see guys out working like it’s Christmas peak season out till 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock,” said driver Everardo Luna.

Under these circumstances, UPS drivers would get help but under new COVID-19 guidelines,  workers have to drive solo, putting a delay in some deliveries and stress on workers.

“That's one of the main reasons our members are concerned is the social distancing aspect is when you work so close together,” said Joseph Cilia from the union.

Five drivers have tested positive for the virus, two in San Bruno and three in San Francisco.

The union is blasting the company for a lack of safety protocols for it’s workers. They’re asking for temperature checks upon entry, better social distancing and they’d like to know who is testing positive.

“I think the members would like to know who it is because that would give them some satisfaction of knowing they were in contact with this person,” said Cilia.

UPS officials say if there’s a need to disclose a positive case for public health reasons, the disclosure will come from local health departments.

That’s something the union would like to see changed for the safety of its workers.

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