Fallen Meteor Found By Novato Homeowner

Woman found meteorite after reading the Chronicle and then remembering she heard something strange the night the meteor came to earth.

Remember that bright, loud streak through the sky Wednesday night?  It has been determined it was a meteor from outer space making its way to the earth.

Ever since the 7:44 p.m. event, experts with the SETI Institute, along with other astronomers, have been searching for remnants of the rock.

Sunday, they announced they found what they were looking for at a Novato home on Saint Francis Avenue.

Homeowner Lisa Webber said she read an article about the meteor's trajectory Saturday, and that sparked her to remember she heard something odd Wednesday night.

She decided to do a search of her yard.

Yep, she found what the experts say is a 63-gram, 2-inch chunk of a meteorite. The rock was found in the yard and there was a divot up on her roof. 

Dr. Peter Jenniskens, a SETI Institute investigator, has inspected the find and declared it authentic.

"The significance of this find that we can now hope to use our fireball trajectory to trace this type of meteorite back to its origins in the asteroid belt," Jenniskens said.

Jenniskens and his crew are not done searching. They hope to find more pieces of space junk from Wednesday's meteor. He said he thinks larger pieces are out there.

He says the line runs from just east of San Rafael, over west Novato, towards Sonoma.

Rains are in the forecast and that makes Sunday's search very important because the rain might wash away the rocks, according to Jenniskens.

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