Arf Arf: Hound-Fun Redwood Outings

Is your baby barker eager to visit the big trees? Grant his wish.

WE MAY HAVE OUR CALENDARS, the schedules on our phones, the pieces of paper that stay up on the front of the fridge with magnets, the scratchpads by our computers, but dogs do, too. Of course, dogs don't need magnets or phones or scratchpads to keep track of the Very Urgent Life Stuff, for our woofers typically are down with What's Truly Important. And in that category? Getting out, breathing full-chest breaths, and saying "howdy" to nature pretty much tops the list. This activity is always on the dog's calendar, the one inside her smart brain, and if you were to suggest it she would immediately concur and dash for the door. If this also happens to be at the top of your various phone/paper/scratchpad lists, consider calling upon Humboldt and Mendocino Counties for a stretch-a-leg, dog-delightful outing while summertime is at its highest point. The Save the Redwoods League recently listed excellent places to trot with your tail-wagger, places that include...

ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST, an idyllic spot that includes "...stairways, footbridges, and pathways winding through the redwoods." There's also the Jackson Demonstration Forest in Mendocino County, where leashed Lassies and Laddies may roam with their humans, and Pogonip in Santa Cruz County (trails are okayed for pups). Included in bold print, though? That our pooches are permitted in state and national parks — "in campground and paved areas" — but trails are a no-go. Eye the whole helpful blog post, and mind any signage that advises on our four-legged besties, and where they're allowed. Is your get-out, enjoy-nature calendar synced with your canine's list? The weather couldn't be finer for just such an excursion, among the big, epic, sky-high trees, this summertime.

WANT TO SUPPORT... the Save the Redwoods League? Either through volunteering or donations? Start here and here for that, tree-embracing good-hearters.

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