Newport Beach Wine & Food Is Cooking

The four-day foodie festivity is popular, meaning you should snag tickets to the top events pronto.

TO CLAIM SOMETHING IS "COOKING"? It depends upon what that something is. If it is a pot on the stove, and steam is rolling out from beneath the lid, why, yes, that is, in fact, cooking. But the word also has another meaning, one that signifies that a happenstance is, well, picking up steam. If not actual steam, then energy, excitement, interest, and some glamour, too. And, several weeks before it even begins, the Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival is most definitely cooking.

HOW SO? Well, no, the celebrity chefs that regularly show at the major foodie-tacular are not yet officially, at-the-stove cooking, but tickets are on sale, and some of the bigger events are filling up. Which all leads to this: If you plan on making for the NB for the four-day to-do, which sizzles, bakes, and drizzles from Oct. 3-6, 2019, you best point your spatula, and your wallet, at the gourmet goings-on you'd love to attend. Those include...

THE PACIFIC SALES GRAND TASTING, and Fire It Up! (hello, it's a "Gourmet BBQ on the beach), and the Cristal and Caviar Tasting, and a Nobu Cooking Demonstration and Lunch, and several other offerings. Important to know? A few events are already booked up, so best move fast on anything that tempts you. Also good to know? The range of restaurants and wineries set to show. If you're a fan of Las Brisas, Bourbon Steak, Opus One, Paul Hobbs Winery, and a host of other Golden State stars, you're in some happy luck. Best look over all of the appetite-stoking pleasures now, before summer deepens, fall arrives, and the sixth annual Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival grandly unfurls.

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